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Online training video’s

Van Ark Academie offers premium online kungfu classes. Learn and work out with our online Kungfu videos.


We over premium online training video's. This way you have the opportunity to learn the Hung Ga system by following our online lessons.

The lessons are aviable for everybody. You can use this besides you regular training if you are a student of the school or you want start taking practice wherever you want, whenever you need.  Sign up and create an account and start learning


Learning the basics that are needed to develop yourself in Kungfu is essential.


As part of the basic program the development of stances are essential for attack and defance techniques. 

Wapen forms

Handforms are mostly accompanied by a variety of weapenforms, such as stick & broadsword.


From a buddhist perspective you start by learning the basic steps for meditation. 

Hand forms

Handforms are ways for you to learn the many diferent defend and attack techniques. 

Kungfu Fit

Kungfu Fit teaches you a variety of exercises to train you body and stay fit

Practice wherever you want,
whenever you need.

A great online kungfu class should feel like bringing the school to your own home. … Unlock and develepmont your martial art way at home …

Free Trail

Enjoy a free trial of several online video’s to get you started. You can upgrade to our premium tutorials anytime.

Premium lessons

These premium tutorials were made specifically for you to learn more advanced Kungfu techniques. 

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